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Artists at the Alley:


Artist Bio:   Brenna Marie Lonergan is a young photographer who has been shooting since she can remember.  "There was never a time she didn't have a button under her finger and a lens in front of her pupil," her mother recalls.  With an unconventional shooting style and an eye for beauty, there is a quality of life behind each and every photograph.  The lucky girl has traveled near and far, and this is a compilation of some of her best hits from the corners of the globe.  The show is entitled "Homesick" and was inspired by a friend of hers who suggested that she made her home everywhere she went.  So she yearned for places she left and places she was yet to be.  The gallery is unique with the interactive aspect, attention and care in the detailing and the unexpected use of materials.  This is her first show and she is delighted that it is in her favorite coffee shop.

Please join Brenna for her opening reception in Old Soul's alley location on Second Saturday, February 11, from 6-8 pm.  Food and beverages will be provided.


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