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Artists at the Alley:


Artist Bio--Dolores:   Creating artwork is a full expression of my inner world of unique images.  My imagination has full reign as I paint.  I like to explore the concept of "abstract."  There is a delicate dance between realism and abstraction.  My goal is not to replicate real life subjects, but rather to interpret them artistically.

Some of my purely abstract paintings might not have recognizable images, but they always convey mood, movement, and sensuality.  While the portraits are clearly faces, I like to alter them with unexpected colors, textures, and facial distortions that result in eccentric appearances.  My landscapes have a rich, strong visual imact that might remind the viewer of a special place he or she once visited, but they are not based on any particular place on Earth.

I bring a unique style which results in vibrant, textured paintings.  After applying gel medium to a canvas, I use tools such as trowels and notches, forks, and sieves to create shapes and textures. After the gel dries, I paint the shapes with acrylic paint.  Sometimes I mix the gel with the paint and use a palette knife to apply the paint as if I were frosting a cake.  The colors I choose are based on the mood I want to convey whether it's playful or dark and swampy or dynamically contrasting.  Painting is a sensual experience for me that I hope resonates with the viewer.

Contact info for Dolores: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Artist Bio--Marcos: Marcos was born in San Francisco, where he was raised by his father, Robert Buffington, who was a successful graphic artist.  It was in San Francisco that Marcos developed an early interest in a variety of different art forms including sculpture, painting, and public art.

Eventually relocating to Sacramento, Marcos studied Fine Art at Sacramento City College and earned an Associates Degree.  The instructors for the program included George Esquibel, Gregory Kondos, Wayne Theibaud, and Fred Dalkey.

Marcos has exhibited his work at a variety of venues both private and public throughout Saramento and the Bay Area.  His painting reflects his experiences as a Nurse and the correlation between art and healing.

"I paint to create a positive reality through shape and color...to move one's soul"

Contact info for Marcos:  Cell 916-275-5763; Artist Agent--Max Mack 916-912-5569

Join Dolores and Marcos for their opening reception on Saturday, April 8, from 6-9 pm at Old Soul in the Alley.  Discounted drinks and complimentary small bites will be available for your enjoyment.


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