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Artists at The Weatherstone:


From the artist:  Create, Create more.  Love it!

I am a self -taught artist living in Midtown, Sacramento, with my husband Benjamin, and my little dog, Jacques Cousteau.  The human reconnection with nature inspires me.  My work is light with heavy, bright colors, natural bold lines, and a sense of movement which I create with acrylic paints, pens, and fabrics.  "My Succy Dream Garden in Blue" is a collaboration of my most recent and most favorite paintings to date.

Literally, the concept for this collection of work fell into my lap as a tiny seed and exploded into the beginnings of my life's work.  Last year, I was working on "Succulent Garden in Teal Blue Pottery," the largest painting I had ever attempted.  My succulent obsession had been thriving for most of my adult life, but I had never ventured to paint them before.  I was on new territory and with a large canvas and a new concept, but I was having trouble.  I could not get the painting to feel right and I struggled.  So, the painting sat on my easel for close to a year, waiting.  Then, as if awakening from a dream, it was simple:  I needed to let go, let myself create freely, and tap into a spirituality that I have been seeking/missing in my life.

These pieces are inspired by the resilience of succulents and the spiritual beauty of native design.

Please contact me for purchases and more information.  Prints are available by request.

Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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