Join us in a fun and relaxed classroom setting as we share our passion for Specialty Coffee and the many hands throughout the supply chain that contribute to our cup. All classes will be limited to 10 people and include a nominal sign up fee.

Processing at Origin & How It Affects Flavor in the Cup

Jun 29, 2019| | The Alley
Natural, Washed, Honey, Anerobic - ever wonder what these processing terms mean? Join our Co-Owner & Coffee Buyer Jason Griest to get insight and go behind the scenes on how some of the best farmers in the world are experimenting with processing techniques that affect what you taste in the cup.

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Cooking With Coffee & Coffee Cocktails

Jul 27, 2019| | The Alley
Ever want to impress your friends & gain knowledge on how to incorporate craft coffee into a special dish or cocktail? We’ll show you how. Learn how to make a killer coffee rub, espresso infused sauces, coffee-based cocktails beyond an Irish Coffee & more in this hands-on class led by Andrew Black, Chef Jared Nelson, & Jason.

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Home Roasting & Green Coffee Buying Basics

Aug 31, 2019| | The Alley
Home roasting is destined to be the next home brewing sensation in our mind. Join us to go over the basic science of coffee roasting, review the current home roasting products out there & learn how to wade through the marketing buzz to pick out the best quality beans from the comfort of your home computer or in person at your grocery store, local café or when you’re on the road and visiting other cities.

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