A mixture of history, faith, and mystery is what exists in Fazenda Barinas, which means in the indigenous language “where the wind blows stronger.”  The name was given by Producer Marcio Borges in honor of the Araxas Indians who lived in the region.  Rumor has spread that they come back at night to protect the coffee plants.

The family has owned the property since 1820, with Marcio being the driving force behind modernization and cutting edge processing and growing techniques now practiced on the farm.  Over the last three years, Fazenda Barinas has won multiple regional and national awards including a 2016 Cup of Excellence award.

We discovered this Special Anaerobic Natural Processed Lot when we were invited to a cupping in the Bay Area by the importer of the coffee.  After going through the table in “blind form” and tasting all 20 offerings, we zeroed in on one cup in particular which turned out to be this rate lot of 500 lbs from Barinas.  We bought it all on the spot.  Enjoy!