Finca Monteblanco is one of three family farms managed by the innovative Producer Rodrigo Sanchez Valencia.  Monteblanco’s 18 hectares sits on the crest of a hill, with the wet and dry mill at the top and the coffee plantation on the slopes below.

After participating in a local program that taught Producers how to cup, Rodrigo began learning how to make connections between farming techniques and how they applied to cup attributes.  At the same time, Rodrigo also took a detailed inventory of the different cultivars planted on his farm by his Grandfather in the 1980’s.  Through this exploration, he discovered a group of rare Purple Caturra trees that are now treasured and used in various Competition Coffees by Baristas around the world.

Our Natural Processed Lot is picked based on Brix content.  Once the Brix is between 20-23 degrees, the cherries are harvested, floated in water to separate out any defective cherries, then placed in solar dryers for 5 days followed by approximately 22 days of drying on raised beds.

We are so blown away by this coffee that we will be visiting Rodrigo in Colombia in May to establish a long-term Direct Relationship with him.

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