We are excited to introduce our “Rare Tin” Reserve Series and include this special “Anaerobic Fermentation Natural” offering from Martin Urena and family.

Nestled deep in the mountains of the famous Tarrazu coffee growing region of Costa Rica, there lies a tiny farm and micromill called La Chumeca. This pristine farm is owned and managed by Martin Urena and his family.  To call it a boutique Cathedral and Monument to all that is great in Specialty Coffee would not be an understatement.  Here, they only produce about 30 bags of Natural dried-in-the-fruit coffees per year with  select few experimental lots like the 100-lb Anaerobic Fermentation Process we were lucky enough to procure.  Here, they have built ponds and a tree house and move their drying coffee cherries by hand in order to keep their coffee “happy” according to Martin.

For Martin’s Anaerobic processed lots, he uses a set of stainless-steel tanks that he imported from South Korea, and he meticulously measures the Brix of the coffee from the time of harvest (22-25° Bx) all the way throughout the fermentation process, stopping when it drops to 16° Bx.  At La Chumeca, AEF coffees spend around four full days in the tanks before the cherry is removed and laid out to dry on one of his 40 or so raised beds.  The results of this elongated fermentation process produce a cup that is bursting with lush tropical fruit, fudge-like chocolate, and black cherry notes.  This is without a doubt one of the best coffees you will ever taste!

Golden Bean Silver