The Aponte community is located deep in the Juanambu Canyon in the Department of Narino.  Coffee here is produced by the Inga, an indigenous community that made up the Northernmost part of the Inca Empire.  The Inga settled the area in the late 14th Century.  Land and farms are communal, and the community is governed by a small group of elders who ensure that ancestral laws and traditions are upheld.

Five years ago, the coffee producers of Aponte started processing half of their coffee in the honey style to get more money from their crop.  Since then, their honey coffees have gained acclaim and been sold by some of the finest coffee roasters around the world.  This year, a small amount was set aside to decaffeinate using sugarcane and ethyl acetate.  We are among a small handful of roasters who embraced this idea and are wildly overjoyed with the results.