In January of 2017, we traveled to El Salvador to establish a relationship with producer Anny Ruth Pimentel and inspect her farm operations and processing methods.  We had heard a lot of great things about Anny from our fellow coffee professionals, and we were not disappointed in our five dedicated days on the farm.

Finca Loma La Gloria (“Hill of the Glory”) was started by Anny Ruth’s father, Roberto, in the late 1990’s.  In 2001, Roberto built a dry mill whose operations were soon abandoned after it was built.  During this time, Roberto still grew coffee but would sell it to other mills or on the local market.

In 2012, Anny began to take over operations with a clear vision of excellence and traceability and aimed to improve the quality of Loma La Gloria by controlling every step in the growing process.  She set out to clearly demarcate every part of the farm by microlots and varietals, restarted operations at the dry mill, and began experimenting with various processing methods.  The amount of effort this took cannot be properly put into words and also included training everyone involved in the farm from the pickers, to the patio workers, to her managers how to focus on quality processes in every step from planting to harvesting.

We’ve developed quite the relationship with Anny Ruth, to the point that Jason was a guest at her wedding three years ago!

#2019, 2020, 2023 GOLDEN BEAN AWARD WINNER and 2023 COFFEE REVIEW 94 PTS


2023 Coffee Review 94 PTS and 2023 Golden Bean Bronze Medalist

2023 Coffee Review 94 PTS and 2023 Golden Bean Bronze Medalist
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