Go South, deep into the green hills of Ethiopia and into the red roads that draw you into the Guji Zone.  Keep on going until you reach the densely forested, mountainous Uraga District where narrow dirt roadways are few and navigation is, well, shall we say, “challenging?” This is about as far South as coffee grows in Ethiopia and features some of its highest elevations.  These high elevations result in slower ripening times and produce simply gorgeous coffees loaded with fruit notes and sweetness.

Like in most of Ethiopia, growers in the Uraga District are smallholders, aka, “garden farmers” so called because  most of them are producing coffee in the “garden” areas around their homes and often harvesting cherries from coffee occurring naturally on the land where they live.  An average yearly yield in green coffee from the smaller farms is around 2-4 bags.

Our Importing Partners at Catalyst Trade pay premiums to the Producers based on best practices at the Farm Level and for exceptional cup scores along with amounts that essentially are triple the daily average  wage to the laborers at the dry mill where our coffee is prepared for export.

This exceptional coffee has been awarded 92 pts by Coffee Review for 2021.


2021 Coffee Review 92 pts