Ethiopia “Reko Koba” Special Prep Washed

This Grade 1 quality washed process coffee is sourced from numerous small farmers in the tiny village of Rego, which lies within the Southern Nation, Nationalities, and Peoples Region (SNNPR). Our Specially Prepped lot this year represents the outstanding resolve and character of many different hands in the supply chain, from the various growers in the Gedeo Zone to our dedicated Importers and Quality Control folks on the ground in Ethiopia who saw the crop from start to finish.

Unfortunately the area where this lot is grown experienced riots this year when many Gedeo people rose up against “foreign” owned enterprises (other tribes). The result was the destruction of 40 coffee washing stations and other coffee storage warehouses and dry mills. In addition, the area saw the first frost since the 1950’s which damaged thousands of hectacres of coffee along with the local food staple crop of Enset. Despite these significant hurdles, the farmers of Rego, under the guidance of our partners Dominion Coffee Traders and Catalyst Coffee, delivered some of the best cherries to the washing station that we have ever seen. To ensure even higher quality, the cherries were submerged in fresh water and the floaters (less dense) removed and used for local market coffees. Following this initial quality separation, the best cherries are pulped and put through the fermentation process then transferred to raised drying beds and regularly turned over the course of 7-10 days until drying is complete.

After drying was complete, our lot went through even more special prep and sorting:

  • All beans below Screen Size 13 and above Screen Size 17 were removed to ensure better roasting uniformity and added complex layers of sweetness.
  • After milling, each Screen size went through gravity and density sorting as well as a last round of hand sorting on a conveyor belt.

Everyone who worked in the processing preparation was paid a daily bonus of 110 birr on top of their normal wages of 35 birr.

We are blown away by the cup and the effort and dedication it took to get it to us, and as always…thankful to the “many hands”…