Our Special Prep Ethiopia offering is a mixed lot from Producers in the village of Keramo who have small farms in the fertile red clay soil of the Rift Valley.  These farmers combine their coffees at the Bombe washing station, where it is processed to exact specifications for our importing partner Dominion Trading.

This year, Bombe introduced a shade mesh drying bed for our Natural lot which allowed the coffee cherries to dry slower and have more pronounced sweetness and fruit notes.

In addition to the specialized drying process, our lot this year has also been separated by screen size.  This process is rare in Ethiopia and is very labor intensive.  In the cup, we have found in general that the smaller screen sizes tend to be more fruit forward and juicy.

All of these special preps that help promote excellence are costly and, as such, we have rewarded each hand in the process with a bonus that equates to three times the normal wage in Ethiopia.

Our Ethiopia Special Prep “Keramo” Natural is a 2018 Golden Bean Silver Medalist in the Espresso category!

2018 Golden Bean Silver Medalist