History of the Catracha Project

Catracha Coffee Company was established in 2010, when Mayra Orellana-Powell realized her dream of starting a coffee business that would have an impact in the small community of Santa Elena where she was born and raised. Mayra named her business Catracha Coffee Company because “Catracha” is a nickname for a Honduran woman.

Luis Nolasco and Old Soul, A Unique Partnership

Old Soul works directly with a variety of farmers who have a wide range of experience and expertise in producing Specialty Coffee. Luis as a “new” Specialty Coffee farmer (he’s been coffee farming for 15 years, but only 3 harvests in Specialty), is on the lower end of the spectrum when it comes to knowledge and resources. This is what has made the last three years working with Luis so special and a truly unique and inspiring opportunity. When we first spent time with Luis on his farm three years ago, Luis produced 10 bags of exportable quality coffee which scored between 82-83 pts. Through hard work, farm infrastructure improvement projects (he invested in new raised solar beds with his profits two years ago), and attending best practice seminars provided by Catracha, Luis increased his exportable coffee this year to 14 bags of 85-86 pt quality. We have bought every bag of exportable coffee that Luis has produced since he moved into the Specialty realm of the industry.

2016 Accomplishments

  1. We introduced Patrick Mulvaney to Luis and helped fund a quality improvement study that Luis is implementing to measure humidity and its effect on quality in his drying beds.
  2. With the profits Luis got this year, he was able to bring electricity to his family’s house (huge!) and send his two oldest daughters to advanced schooling in the capitol.

2019 Golden Bean Bronze Medalist