Oaxacan coffee is grown on small plots spread over a large, diverse area.  Oaxaca is where the Sierra Madre del Sur & Sierra Mixteca ranges come together to form the Sierra Madre Occidental as it heads north.  Finca El Metate is located in an area where some of Mexico’s finest coffees are found with steep slopes that capture the Pacific mists and feed an otherwise arid landscape dominated by large pine trees.

The family has owned the property for many years, with Eliel, the son, being the driving force behind modernization and cutting edge processing and growing techniques now practiced on the farm.  Finca Metate covers 20 hectares in total with 8 hectares being planted with coffee.  In an average year, the farm will produce between 60-80 bags of exportable high-grade coffee.

Among the exciting projects happening at the Farm this year is a major expansion of the nursery where they are cultivating new varietals and a massive amount of shade trees for planting on a new small lot next year.  The Lopez family are great farmers and better people…who also are huge Sacramento Kings Fans!