A friend told Sergio Orantes that coffee is learned in 100 lessons, and each one lasts a year. So far, he has spent more than 30 years learning and he doesn´t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. His farm is in the Cerro Brujo region of Chiapas, which translates in English to “Sorcerous Mountain”.

“La Grandeza” (“The Greatness”) is Mr. Orantes’ largest plot whose name alludes not only to its size, but also to the riches that lie under its soil and the quality of coffee it produces year after year.

Entirely shade grown, Mr. Orantes’ coffee is surrounded by tall and ancient trees whose flowering period in March and April coincides with the harvest. This provides food to native bees and a small alternative business, as well as supporting a diverse ecosystem.


Fun Mexico Coffee Facts:

Coffee is grown by more than half a million farmers, 95% of these being smallholders cultivating less than three hectares and 85% of Mexico’s coffee farmers are indigenous Mexicans. Mexico grows almost no Robusta coffee.