Nicaragua Santa Lucila Washed Process

Old Soul Co. directly sources coffee grown by quality-driven smallholder farmers in the Nueva Segovia region who wet-mill their own coffee but aren’t big enough to finish processing or export their coffees.

Instead, they sell their coffee at higher-than-average rates to the owners of Santa Lucila dry mill, the Paguaga family.  The green coffee is graded for quality and blended together to create a larger and exportable lot.  With 90 years of coffee-growing and processing expertise, the Paguaga family is committed to supporting neighboring growers with technical and operational expertise through their mill and cupping lab, and giving financial assistance and marketing access not otherwise available.

Neuva Segovia, Nicaragua

In the north of Nicaragua, sharing a border with Honduras, we find the lush Neuva Segovia region.  People lived in this area thousands of years before Columbus landed, and these days, ethnic groups and more recent citizens form a rich cultural collage.

Farms are small–averaging around three hectares, and the region itself is smaller than the more well-known Matagalpa or Madriz areas.  Be that as it may, it has all the elements that make for quality coffee:  shade, fertile soil, high elevations, and of course, careful cultivation and processing.

Some exciting specialty coffees are coming out of the mountains of Neuva Segovia.  Since 2005, farmers and co-operatives have been entering Cup of Excellence contests, consistently placing.  CoE juries’ descriptions border on the effusive.  Most agree that sweet, floral, and balanced apply.