Coffee in Rwanda was originally forced upon remote communities by the Belgians as a colony-funding cash cop. However, the Belgians invested so little in coffee’s success that they immediately allowed production to decline through lack of support for the national infrastructure and the farmers who grew it. As a result, the sector suffered near total obscurity in the coffee world from Rwanda’s independence in 1962 until the period of rebuilding following the country’s devastating civil war and tragic genocide in 1994.

Rwanda’s coffee sector roared back to life in the late 2000’s thanks to one of East Africa’s most successful coffee inventions, the Partnership for Enhancing Agriculture in Rwanda through Linkages (PEARL). PEARL was a sweeping infrastructure and education investment targeting large regions of Rwanda whose coffee was for the most part processed poorly at home and exported with little traceability.

This particular lot was produced at the renowned Remera Washing Station, run by Epiphanie Mukashyaka and her son Samuel. We are extremely proud to be one of the select roasters around the globe that brings this coffee to market.