“The Remedy” Espresso Blend is only Old Soul’s third espresso blend since its inception 9 years ago and replaces our last blend dubbed “The Three Wise Men.” The Remedy is a three-bean blend made up of coffees from Ethiopia, Mexico, and Brazil. Like all well-designed blends, each ingredient in The Remedy is roasted to bring out specific flavor notes that complement each other and make the blend greater than its individual components. The coffees that make up The Remedy are also roasted specifically for extraction as espresso, which in this case means a longer and slower roasting process to promote sweetness and balance in the cup.

Breaking Down the Blend

Brazil Fazenda Alta Vista

The base of the blend and provides a heavy dose of pecan nuttiness along with pleasant hints of dried pineapple with low acidity.

Mexico Yerbabuena

The body of the blend and brings bitter sweet cocoa notes to the blend along with a syrupy body and a soft acidity.

Ethiopia Gwangwa Abaya Natural

The top end of the blend and lends both berry notes and a jolt of acidity to “The Remedy” along with a creamy body component and great crema.

Our Remedy is a 2018 Golden Bean Silver Medalist, a 2019 Golden Bean Bronze Medalist and a recent 2022 Golden Bean Bronze Medalist in the Espresso w/Milk category !

2022 Golden Bean Bronze Medalist