Uganda has long been known as a country with great potential for Specialty Coffee but short on actual quality production due to many factors including war, poor infrastructure in the coffee lands, and low prices that discouraged farmers from taking the extra steps in processing needed to produce a great cup.

In the past ten years, things have been slowly changing in Uganda’s coffee industry for the better, in part thanks to Starbucks.  When Starbucks began to buy coffee from Uganda in 2007, it started setting off a chain reaction that now has put big and small multi-national exporters into a pitched battle for the best cherry Mt. Elgon has to offer.  This is good for farmers, good for us, and good for you.  With more economic incentive to produce quality, roads have become better, more washing stations have opened, and experts from Latin America have been brought in to provide technical expertise at the farm level.

Our importer partners, Crop to Cup, have been working with the Bulaago Farmers Association since 2007.  With small farms near the Kenyan border, they each produce an average 5-6 bags of exportable specialty coffee.