Art Showcase at Old Soul at the Weatherstone, July 9 through August 11, 2022

By Betsy Griest July 5, 2022

Our July Art Showcase at Old Soul at the Weatherstone features artists Alicia Heffington, Rachel Harcourt, and Roberta Alvarado.  Please join us for their opening reception from 6-8 pm on Second Saturday, July 9, 2022, with display continuing through August 11.

Alicia Heffington desires to capture the natural world around her with a sense of its beauty and allure.  Observing nature, its textures, colors, forms, and the feeling each season brings is often infused through landscapes, botanicals, and florals.  The marks and colors she uses help her to expand and develop her own visual language.  In the process of creating art, she finds enjoyment in the unexpected, the spontaneity of making decisions in the moment, and seeing where the marks and materials will take her.

As a child, Alicia Heffington traveled and moved often, always experiencing new environments.  Those landscapes have stayed with her and the diversity amongst them connects her to certain moments in her life.  Whether it was living on a boat in her native California, or a one-bedroom cabin in the pine trees of Arizona, or experiencing the vast arid deserts of Nevada, or living in a rural beach town in Mexico, Alicia brings that observation of her natural surroundings into her work through many mediums and crafts.  Alicia studied Fine Art at Sierra College, attended the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, studying traditional illustration, and graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Studio Art from California State University Sacramento.  Alicia now resides in beautiful Northern California enjoying that landscape and calling it home with her husband and two young boys.

Rachel Harcourt is a self-taught multimedia artist based in Sacramento.  Her diverse experience includes small sculpture, metal arts, body art, painting, photography, and construction.  Rachel’s endless curiosity has driven her unusual materials and techniques to create the unexpected.

In this series titled “Future Skins” Rachel intends to allow the viewer to reflect on our culture:  past, present, and future.  Just as we have grown from our mothers, this ‘skin’ is the offspring of a growing microbe mother, known as SCOBY.  Representing what is left of our soul’s vessel after we pass, these are artifacts to be uncovered by future societies.  They are displayed as a reflection of our culture and practices.

Roberta Alvarado is an artist, photographer, jewelry, website, and graphic designer.  She is the owner of New Bird Studio, an all visuals resource.  Her photography was featured in Paramount Picture’s “The Big Short,” “Voyage LA,” The California Museum, solo exhibit “Layers of Life in Death: Yucatan, Mexico,” “West to East: Travels through Nicaragua” and more.

Freebird Arte is the name of her jewelry line and used to curate art events and benefits.

In January 2022, she formed “New Bird Studio” to merge her passions.  Here she creates photo-centric websites and is a resource for all visuals for family to commercial needs.

Roberta is a minimalist traveler and photographs her journeys that appreciate Mayan and Indigenous cultures from North and Central America to reconnect with her ancestry.  This includes highlighting Dia de los Muertos and Hanal Pixan.

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