Art Showcase at Old Soul at the Weatherstone on Second Saturday, November 12, 2022

By Betsy Griest November 8, 2022

Meet the artist, Veranika Zhirkov.  Veranika, or Vern for short, is an artist and muralist based in Sacramento, California.  Her art mainly takes the form of impressionistic/abstract oil paintings, murals, and occasionally mixed media work and watercolors.

“We all have a story that changes throughout our lives, which I represent in the theme of Flourishing Minds.  My subject matter consists of florals, figures, and abstract, in an impressionistic character.  I love to experiment with new ideas and concepts to incorporate into my work.  My art develops and changes its theme and narrative, as I change – and I think it is beautiful to see how progression expresses itself into art.  I believe every painting tells a story if we listen carefully enough.”

Pablo Picasso says, “Painting is just another way of keeping a diary.”

“I seek inspiration from nature and its cyclical patterns.  The seasons in nature are similar to that of our lives.  Always changing colors and tonality  My hope as an artist is to inspire others to seek their creativity and share their own stories and passions.  It is always a privilege and joy to be able to share my art with those who feel an intuitive connection to it.  My goal is to continue to share the joy of art and encourage others to seek out their creative side and follow its endeavor.”

“Thank you for following along on my creative journey.”  With love, Vern