Art Showcase at Old Soul The Alley August 13, 2022

By Betsy Griest August 11, 2022

Our August Art Showcase will feature art/photography by Jesse Dubois and Doll Slum.  Please join us from 4-6 pm on August 13, 2022, for their opening reception.  Food and drink specials will be offered during the reception.  The display will continue through September 9.

Jesse Dubois received a 35mm camera and a road trip to Pyramid Lake for his 13t birthday.  From that day on he has always had a camera and a passion for all things photo related–nature, landscapes, portraits, photo journalism, architecture, street scenes, and whatever else caught his eye.  His early years revolved around drawing.  He also enjoyed music, playing guitar, raising his sister’s 3 children, fishing.  In other words, Jesse has had a very diverse path!  He attended American River College for 2 years where he took some drawing and screenwriting classes.  Going forward, he continued his art in all mediums and styles.  Although he might come across as shy and reserved, he says he is a great people-person who can converse about almost any subject with anyone. He has been called an “old soul” and a “renaissance man” by many.  Jesse has an amazing memory and a huge drive to learn.  He is a caring, kind and resourceful and has a less-is-more attitude.  Come to the Alley to meet Jesse.  You will be happy you did!

Doll Slum’s Art