Art Showcase at The Alley May 14 through June 10, 2022

By Betsy Griest May 12, 2022

This month’s Art Showcase features artists Ryan Winchell, Gary Nyland, and Kathy Blackburn.  View their creative works beginning Second Saturday, May 14, from 4 – 6 PM and continuing display through June 10.

Ryan Winchell is a contemporary artist from Sacramento, CA.  Working primarily with spray paint and hand-cut stencils, he creates intricately detailed surrealist pop art, ranging in themes from nonsensical whimsy and psychedelia to existential dread.  Each piece takes around 40-50 hours to create.  He has many murals in local Sacramento businesses, as well as San Francisco and many towns in Northern California.  In addition to stencil art and murals, he also creates projection visuals, LED art, and animatronics.

Kathy Blackburn is a self-taught NorCal artist.  “I use my art as a way to connect to the greater consciousness.  I seldom have a detailed plan for a painting.  Instead, I like to let the composition and images flow organically.  I’m constantly asking, ‘What happens next?’  The finished piece is like a small window into my soul, a personal tarot card of a sort, which I study and analyze to see what lessons it contains.  Painting for me is a form of meditation, an opportunity to communicate with the universe and listen to what it has to teach me.”  You can see Kathy Blackburn’s work at

Gary Nyland is a visual artist:  paintings, graphics, photos, videos, set design and more.  Recent focus on bold, large-scale geometrics including 3-D graphics.  Follow him on Instagram to view his works