Art Showcase at The Weatherstone on Second Saturday, August 13, 2022

By Betsy Griest August 11, 2022

Our August Second Saturday Art Showcase will feature art by Jen Monson and Yoli Manzo.  Please join us from 6-8 pm on August 13, 2022, for their opening reception.  Food and drink specials will be offered during the reception.  The display will continue through September 9, 2022.

Jen Monson Bio and Statement “When I was little, I enjoyed scribbling on everything, including the walls.  I would even go door to door in my neighborhood selling my little paper drawings.  As I went through school, then onto FIDM in San Francisco, I learned how to refine my ability and even get more creative.  Now I continue to learn using trial and error as well as watching lessons online.  I am constantly distracted by new ideas and new things to try.  My inspiration can come from nature, architecture, or other art I see.  The ultimate goal I hope for my art is that it will bring you a sense of peace and joy.”

“I started AdoreWhalebles as just a test, wondering how a cute Chibi whale would look decked out in costume, and would they help bring people happiness because of how adorable they are.  Why whales?  Because they are amazing creatures and I love them!  After it was posted on social media, I found people loved them and wanted more.  They began to give suggestions on future whales.  What you see here is a piece of their suggestions brought to paper with watercolor.  I will be as creative as I can and love to add a bit of sparkle too!”

Yoli Manzo was born and raised in the Silicon Valley.  She is well know as a highly creative mixed media artist in the Sacramento area where she now resides.  Yoli has immersed herself in making and exhibiting her Latino influenced art that includes icons such as Frida Kahlo, Santos, Guadalupe, vivid colors and edgy sensibility.  Folk art and abstracts are a large focus of her recent works.  Yoli has exhibited her art work at numerous galleries, on television, and at art festivals throughout Northern California.  In addition to creating art, Yoli teaches mixed media workshops at her studio as well as a guest teacher at other studios and venues.  She has a love for bright colors, textiles, and just about ay media she can throw on a canvas.  Yoli was also a resident artist at ARTHOUSE (Studio 10) in Sacramento, CA, for six years.  You can see her work at the following websites:  Yoli Manzo (@sacredyolidesigns) Instagram photos and videos, and