Second Saturday at The Alley, April 9, 2022, Featuring Photography by Eli Fajardo

By Betsy Griest April 8, 2022


Join us for the opening exhibition of Eli Fajardo’s photography at Old Soul Co.’s Alley location, 1716 L St Rear, Sacramento, CA.  Complimentary food and drink specials will be available from 4 to 6 pm.

Born and raised in the Sacramento area, Eli Fajardo began his journey in photography after picking up the household camera to attend a photoshoot with some friends, only to hilariously fail to understand how to operate it.  Two years later, after developing a fanatical obsession with the art of photography, Eli has produced thousands of unique photographs, avidly traveling many miles in and out of the state of California.  Eli’s passion for photography, combined with his curious nature and love of travel, has allowed him to experience a deep connection with his surroundings that have inspired many of his finest photographs.  Drawing inspiration from the world around him, the work of Eli Fajardo is a testament to his love for nature and humanity, and the ultimate beauty that can be found amongst it all.